The beauty of life is in its uncertainty . I know you all might be thinking ‘ there she is , starting her blogs by posting on life ; so typical’ . But its 2:00am out here and suddenly I am beginning to question my existence in this world . Neither a sign of depression nor any other matter related to that ; just a question. Am I supposed to do what I am doing right now? Will I get a job ? If not, then what will be the point? So many things are uncertain . But see, thats the beauty . Would our lives be stillĀ  exciting if we already knew what we are supposed to do ? Would my life been still exciting if I knew from scratch that I am gonna get two wonderful bestfriends who would change me for the better, or that one day I actually would have the guts to perform on stage or that I would get the one in college who would encourage me to have an account in this site and put and display my interests infront of you all? I guess not. I hope that you all enjoy the uncertainties that are about to come and cherish those which have already happened and brought a positive change in your life. Thank you . That’s about it.


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