Change .

Change. A word as simple as it is. Yet we are so afraid of it, at least I am; or at least I WAS.

This article was a draft for 3 months, when a series of  “changes” were taking place. Back then I wasn’t able to put my words together , for I was myself in a deep shit of confusion. Apparently I was somewhere related to metathesiophobia or in simple words you can say ; the fear of change. Was trying or thinking to do whatever I could to prevent that not caring about whether it was right or wrong. Ignoring the things which shouldn’t be ignored. Not taking stand on things on which one should take stand on. And all for what ? To prevent a simple ,needed, fu#%ing change.

By  the grace of God and some important people in my life, I finally feel like I am big. Not mature. No one ever is. Sitting alone, thinking about stuff, analyzing yourself and listening to people who matter can really help you clean your shit up. It doesn’t have to be so systematic and mechanical if you got afraid of the phrase ” Analyse yourself”. Because I do.So lets come up with ” SELF INTROSPECTION”. Less scary?

So, the thing is people, that sometimes changes are needed to be done. For the betterment of you. Not for anyone else. Just you. The process will be painful. Its true. But the life isn’t a bed of roses. Apology for not coming up with a less cliched line. But you get what I mean. 

And speaking of changes, I think I did some in the past few weeks and last night. You know about the feeling when you are so scary of a roller coaster ride, and then summon up the courage and go for it. The  feeling after the ride, and the will to do it again? This is that feeling.  

Just one more thing . I promise.

Ever imagined how double standard we are when it comes to “change”?

Consider, we don’t like a certain behavior or habit of a person. And we want them to change that. Ever noticed that at times when they DO stop behaving like that or stop that particular habit, it really bothers us and pisses us off that why is he suddenly so weird and why is this and why is that? Humans are weird species with weird minds . Think about that.



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