Letting Go. These two words,we heard a lot ,we said a lot ,but never really done it.At some point or the other,we all have wished there were a memory card in all of our brains, so that whenever something bad comes up ,you can immediately delete it. 


Whenever we say about moving on or letting go of someone or something, there is a still a little part of you who actually doesn’t want to. Which is FINE. We constantly torment ourselves mentally for the things which we can’t control . 

It is COMPLETELY FINE if its hard. Its completely fine if you can’t move on in one go, because NO ONE IN THIS WORLD REALLY DOES. Be happy you haven’t got the memory card. Having cheerful and disturbing memories makes you who you are. Carry both the babies , give equal importance to each. You throw away the sad one , you get yourself in the world of delusions and sheer imaginations.

But there is just one difference. Never hold on to the sad one for too long.Let it free and roam around, learn from it , make yourself better, march forward towards your next goal. 

You would hear about people attending psychiatrists and psychologists to get their head cleared out of depression or almost depressions. On some people this works and on some people doesn’t. Why do you think they feel light after attending their sessions?

Those guys don’t have wands or magic spells that could  work on you. They don’t provide you instant anti-depressant potions.  The only thing they do is listen carefully and then present you the reality. They just make a difference between how you see the world and how the world actually is. 

SO, instead of  wearing your mind out by continuously trying to moving on or letting go, just accept it what it is, carry yourself forward and have a real story to tell to the mini-yous. 


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