Its 26th January, and many of you wouldn’t know that with along with India’s republic another event took place on this day, and that was the birth of a mutant named Swaraj Kumar Mohapatra . 

Technically he is a  human, but his behaviour are far from one. He can be as weird as you can think and as unpredictable and @$$#%)&lic you can imagine. But at the end you can’t deny the fact that he is a life saviour. I honestly don’t know how does he have the capability and the strength to just push people to be their better version, and still take no credit. 

This person is  the reason I am writing in here. Its been just six months since we met and there is so much to know about each other ahead.  But does time actually count the strength of the bond? I think not. Sometimes it takes years to know someone better and sometimes just one moment is enough.

 You would notice some guys want cars and bikes and all other materialistic stuff, but he is one of those people who actually seek for respect. Sometimes  our minds twin and sometimes go in totally opposite direction, but in the end , we always find our way back to each other.

I love him. Not in the way you all would think. Its just something else , which is certainly beyond any explanation and is ordinarily extraordinary.



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