I hope this year started on a positive note for all you people , but it started on a very weird and confusing note for me. If observed keenly, I can tests conducting on my relationships with my friends , environment changing , feelings changing . May be it had to happen this way. 

God or whoever you believe in has challenged my emotions with my biggest fear and that is CHANGE. Initially I was so afraid of all this, but after a lot and a lot of thinking and a sleepless new year night I got to a conclusion . 

Half of my life has been spent in me trying to fit in and go with the choices which would make others happy. That is another fact that I get really satisfied by seeing them happy. But for now lets concentrate on just you, which doesn’t mean to shut people out or behave outrageously. This means not compromising on who you are for others. Let them see the real you. If they respect and accept the real you its amazing. If not, then it was never meant to be.


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