Its been weeks since I wrote anything. Perhaps all this time I was busy searching for topics to write upon. If you would go through my life for the past month, you would find almost ten to fifteen drafts both typed and hand-written . But none of them were as intriguing as I wanted them to be.

It was yesterday, when it suddenly dawned on me, that I didn’t need to find something extraordinary to quench my thirst, instead those are the little things that happen day to day in my life which make my life extraordinarily ordinary.

Yesterday was bestfriend’s birthday, and within no time almost all her friends reached the venue to celebrate.And she being the obnoxiously beautiful drama queen made a grand entrance to the venue. Yesterday,  I backed off for a short period of time just to watch her , how she runs and dances and jumps just like a little baby. That moment was something which  would just crash up all the moments when I achieved something, her smile was everything. 

When I looked around I saw people who really mattered and who made my life intriguing and no less than a rollercoaster. Apart from those , when I saw beside me , there was my other bestfriend. Well he isn,t my bestfriend , he is just something more, not romanticizngly more, who was humphing with his artificial anger when I smashed cake on his face, threatening me to chew my nose off. Seeing him just makes my day , and seeing him with his artificial anger just makes my day even more . 

There are two girls who love me like a wife, there is a guy who wants to chew my nose off, there is a small circle of people in my life ,who  shower snowflakes of love on me everyday. And that is when I realized that this is what I am ever gonna need. No over luxurious life , no need to become popular. Coz I now realize what a kingsize life feels like.


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