Most of us often repulse from the things that somehow affected us in the past. 

Take a simple instance; if a person rode a bike and then got in an accident, then for months or may be years, he would avoid riding, just to be on the safer side. 

Take me for instance,  I had fear of camels coz I fell off of one.. and for years that tiny fear grasped me.  But one day I summoned  all my strength and climbed up a camel with a mind determined enough to never loosen the grip. That day I was the queen of the world. 

See?  If such a tiny thing would help get us our confidence back.. So why not take the bigger ones and get happy like never before? 

Our fear of getting  over someone is even stronger than any other,  coz an emotional scar has a much more impact than any physical scar. 

So what? If some relationships didn’t  work out,  they don’t have to be lovers exclusively…  I am talking about all the relationships in general,  with friends, with parents or even with your dog. 

Some things aren’t  just meant to be.  

So what should we do to find the right one? …  Take risks. 

After all you have got only one life?  What worse could happen if we just take our coward cloaks off?  To actually  move on.. And not get stuck to the past..?  To make our story  worth telling?  To  be remembered not just by our achievements, but also be remembered  by the person we are? 

Don’t be afraid of new people, just because earlier some people shut you out.   May be you were meant to be with them,  after all. 




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